Non-metric measures

Non-metric measures

Americans do not usually use the metric system. What units of measure do they use instead?

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. And how big are these fish? - They can get up to eight feet and 200 pounds.

2. But who killed him? And how did he end up here, more than 300 away from his home in New Jersey?

3. Duncan picked me up in his Prius, and we made it to Buffalo, Wyoming, in five hours using only six of gas.

4. Each seat has its own LCD television screen. In coach, the screen is 10.6 wide. In business, 15 , about the size of your laptop screen.

5. Four of jasmine tea costs about $9.

6. Her room, her cubicle? It's only six feet by five feet . There's barely space for a twin bed and a pile of books

7. I had two of beer and a burger.

8. I´m in the back of a police van protesting my innocence, trying to explain to the police officers that I only had one of beer.

9. I'm barely five -- four , ten in truth.

10. I'm sorry, but I'll have to go six per hour faster than the limit.

11. In a house in the woods on the outskirts of a small town seventy northwest of New York City, Danny Malloy wakes with the dawn.

12. In one Harvard study of over 44,000 women, a waist measuring 35 or more doubled the risk of dying early from heart disease.

13. It was the size of a coffee table, he says, about three by three.

14. Limit meat portions to four a day.

15. New Hampshire winters warmed 3.8 in the 20th century

16. She could not have weighed more than ninety .

17. She's described as fair-complexioned, blond, and approximately 120 .

18. Take shorter showers and save up to five of water per minute.

19. Up to 10 of snow fell in parts of that state.

20. With the water temperature at the time of the accident being 36 , that made it a possibility for hypothermia to set in pretty quickly

21. Within a year and a half, I'd lost 100 . My health improved, and I stopped taking blood pressure meds.

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